Saturday, August 3, 2013

No More Unwanted Pop-ups

It can be the most annoying experience to have unwanted popups interrupt an otherwise smooth and fast internet browsing session. The problem worsens when there is important work to be done and one after the other popups for inane products and services crowd your window, distracts you and slows down your browser! Whether they are spam, advertisements or plain unnecessary, these popups are a hassle, an embarrassment and also affect your system adversely by being an easy way for viruses to enter your computer. 

You keep thinking about how to block popups, and you think you’ll download popup blocker software and plug-ins to stop the nightmare. But nothing helps and a session that would’ve taken a half hour may land up taking an hour because of the time spent navigating these pesky popups. This problem is faced more while using the older versions of the Internet Explorer browser as there are simpler options and more effective ways in newer browsers to prevent unwanted popups.

 All the same, a lot of time is spent trying to figure out how to remove popups so that surfing the net isn’t a harrowing experience every single day. What is very inconvenient is the fact that often in the need to get things done quickly, we click on popups trying to close them and thus open our machines to the risk of virus attacks and most times, this is overlooked. It is in such situations that you need to know that you have total PC protection, online internet security and are shielded at all times. At Repair Street, we provide you with just that. Are you feeling boggled with the popups that interfere while browsing the net or operating emails? Let the experts handle the problem for you. It doesn’t matter which browser you use or the kind of popups that are causing the problem. Getting professional help to resolve this has never been easier.

There are a variety of issues which may need to be fixed in order to get your PC working at an optimum level such as: 

  •  Installing a reliable antivirus software
  •  Setting up firewalls for protection while browsing
  •  Downloading effective popup blocker software
  • Altering security settings of PC
  • Configuration of browser to better block popups and more

It is sometimes the simple issues which when ignored, create the biggest roadblocks while using a PC. Our team at Repair Street will run a thorough check and investigation of your computer to get to the root of what may be causing the inconvenience and proceed to rectify it immediately. Assistance is available to you over the phone 24/7/365, so call on the Repair Street helpline or send us a quick email describing the problem you face and we will revert with the most logical simple set of instructions to sort your issue.

Another option is for you to have a live online chat with any of our brilliant technicians, who will give you smart tips to block popups from disrupting your browser function. If these are not helpful to you, then we can directly access your system temporarily, with your permission, to do the needful directly. You can just sit back a say goodbye to the nuisance of unwanted popups for good!

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